Wednesday 12 August 2015

Perfect Day (Lou Reed 1972).

As we get older we sadly seem to attend more funerals than we do weddings. Well what a refreshing change this weekend. I was asked 18 months ago if i would give my niece away and i told her and her husband to be that it would be an absolute honour. Time unfortunately waits for no one and it seemed to come round so quickly. All my family were invited to the occasion which could of posed a few problems to be fair!! The event on Saturday from start to finish (which was very late) can only be described as 'a perfect day'!!
It started with a hearty breakfast at the lovely B&B and finished with a late drink or three in my sisters local pub. The time spent inbetween was the most wonderful and too be treasured i have experienced in a long time. The day was blessed with glorious sunshine and was enjoyed by everyone present. My whole family are amazing and i thank you all for making Andy and Kirstys day so special in everyway!!

The good old football season is now underway with all the usual bar banter and debates. I dont like to stir up any issues between rival fans too much in case it backfires on me, so i will give it a few weeks before i predict Man City will win the league and at least 1 cup ;-) !!

The exercise programme for my knee has move up another level but if i am honest im not really seeing any vast improvements as yet...

As i write this a forcast of thunderstorms and potential flooding looms (not great weather for a roofer). I remember when i was young the first sign of any lightening and my mum would rush into the room turning all plugs off(telly first) and usher us all into the back roomwhere we would sit quietly in the dark whilst the storm passed over. These days no one seems to care and we carry on as normal. Have we all got braver as we have got older or do we realise it was just mother saving a few quid on the electric??....

Sunday 26 July 2015

The Lion Sleeps Tonight(The Tokens 1961)

You really cant beat a day out at Chester Zoo so on Sunday we decided to rise early and head off in hunt of lions, tigers and bears. Its very easily accessible by train from Stockport and to be fair its an excellent deal British Rail do for train, bus and entrance to the park!! Wearrived at about 11 o clock and carefully planned our route to take in as many animals as was possible. In previous visits to the park there have been many slight disappointments of not being able to spot certain animals in their enclosures. This visit was totally different with so many highlights. A close up of the fantastic jaguar having a pee, the amazing male lion getting so close i could smell his breath and the wonderful painted dogs devouring half a cow in front of our very eyes. Amazing!!!!!
We are so lucky to have this major attraction on our doorstep and to be able to see some ofthe animals up close that we would probably only ever see on television. A fantastic great value day out for adults and kids alike!!!

As you are all aware my son Jack has spent time recently in hospital due to an accident he had whilst on his scooter. His sister not wanting to be left out was admitted to Stepping Hill on Tuesday with gallstones. I dont really know alot about them but i can tell you all my daughter was in an awful lot of pain and discomfort. Its not nice seeing anyone in pain let alone one of your own. She was so brave and didnt grumble or moan at all. Well done Georgia.. She is now on a strict diet with an operation likely in February when she turns 16!!!

My pool career came crashing down to earth on Wednesday after two man of the match performances. I finally lost my unbeaten record. It wont be long before i can sharpen my arrows and resume my other sport of darts!!!!! I will have to up my training regime one thinks! If you cant comfortably drink 8 pints on a Tuesday darts night and still chuck the tungsten then there is no place for you in the side!!!

My son had to come up with a name for his dream team which had to include 3 footballers who had played in the Premier League. I reckon Michu@DeGea,Ba is a quality effort!! Well done Jack and can anyone better him.???

Saturday 18 July 2015

Young at Heart (Bluebells 1984)

There are various signs we get that we are getting older. Losing your hair,perhaps even a few grey ones?, bad back, dodgy knees or maybe the extra one or two laughter lines starting to appear!! Well for me amongst others, its the eyesight. I can see perfectly clear into the distance but just lately i have started to use glasses for reading. I only use them at home as i try to gain some confidence wearing them!! Last Sunday morning i nipped out to buy the papers and also to pick up some painkillers to soothe my head after a good Saturdays drinking. I was rushing to get back as the weather was terrible so i grabbed what i thought were some ibuprofen and paracetemol off the shelf and made my way home. When i got back and put my glasses on to catch up with the news i noticed i had purchased hayfever and constipation tablets instead!! I certainly wont be sneezing with itchy eyes whilst i am sat on the toilet trying to have a poo eh..I am still very much young at heart even though my eyes are slowly fading..

My son Jack is now out of hospital and he is doing really well with his knee. He is very cheerful and hasnt let his accident get him down at all. Every time i ask him how he is feeling he always replies with "with my fingers dad". He must get his sense of humour of his mother if you ask me!!

My pool career went up another level again on Wednesday. I was asked to play for the pub team again after my heroics only seven days earlier. I agreed to once again put my unbeaten record on the block!! I dont play all that tippy tappy cagey stuff. If a ball can be potted then i will have a go. The longer the shot the better with my eyes!! I was thrown into another must win game and i romped home with ease for the second week running. At this rate i will be in the race for "Player of the Season"!!

Still doing the knee exercises that my physio gave me. I am back to see him in a couple of weeks time so i am hoping for some good news.......

Saturday 11 July 2015

Physical(Olivia Newton John 1981).

Well what a weeks its been. I should have shares in the local bus company. Back and forth to the hospital to see my little stuntman Jack. He proper cut his knee open on Saturday but he is home now and doing really well. A very special shout out to the canteen staff at Stepping Hill. Without them i would of stuggled to keep my figure intact. Breakfasts to die for and the lunches were just as tasty!!

Big news on the super knee of my own. Went to see the physio this week and was told my quads are under formed. I have been given a full exercise plan to be done every other day to build them up. Apparently going up and down ladders daily and 8 pints of carling is not the correct way to maintain a healthy fit body..

I like to relax on a wednesday. Feet up, telly on and toffees out is the norm. I was disturbed this week by the local landlord and asked if i would come out to play pool due to a shortageof player. I am not one for letting people down so i dragged myself up and headed to the boozer!! The team was that pleased to see me that i was treated to my first pint courtesy of the landlord. The match itself swung this way and that until game six. 3-2 down with two games to play and i was next on. Win and we were still in the match, lose and it was curtains. I played like a seasoned professional and brought us back level. It was a man of the match display of tactical nous and unbelievable potting. I dont like to blow my own trumpet(i simply cant reach it even though ive tried) but without me they would never of won!! I may retire now with my unbeaten league record intact!!

Right then! I have to go now. Got an hours worth of exercise on my legs and knees to get through. Dont worry, i will still have a carling or 2 on completion!! Little steps, tiny little steps to a new and fit Clive.x

Monday 6 July 2015

S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G(Pet Shop Boys)

With a family wedding pending and a dress code of grey suit and cadburys purple tie in place, it was decided that Sunday was going to be my chance to purchase the above. As you are aware shopping is not my favourite past time but Operation Arndale was up and running.

Manchester as expected was full to bursting and it was an ordeal just to get down station approach, the journey to Burtons was twice as bad and i had worked myself into quite a state by this time!! On entering the shop a young lady asked if she could help me with anything. A few thoughts crossed my mind but i didnt think them appropriate so explained that i wished to purchase a suit. She quickly pointed me in the right direction and after about 20 minutes i was armed with everything i required. Its pleasing to know there are these sort of shop assistants out there and the fact i was £160 worse off was eased by her competance. Shopping aint that bad i guess!!

With bags on arm it was off for some liquid refreshments and even £5 a pint in one establishment didnt deter me off my goal to get pissed. Five hours later it was mission accomplished!!

With the weather changing for the better evening meals have contained alot of salad lately. I requested coleslaw and due to my lady forgetting her glasses i ended up with Florida Salad. I have never heard of it let alone tried it before. If you have never come across it before go out and get some!! Pineapples, mandrines, cabbage and apple all coated in mayonnaise is to bloody die for. It livened up my plate and will most definately be a feature in up and coming meals.

Saturdays work was halted with the upsetting news that my son Jack had had an accident. He had crashed his scooter at the local skateboard park and his knee was in a bad way(something about knees in my family)!! I rushed to hospital and was shown graphic pictures of his injury. It was horrific but massive credit to my son as he was in good spirits and the nurses were doing a great job managing his pain. Unfortunately they were unable to close the wound in surgery so he is still in hospital awaiting a second operation. Very proud of how he is coping with this ordeal and i will keep you all updated on his recovery!!

Saturday 27 June 2015

Have A Drink On Me(Lonnie Donegan)

I have started a new part time job answering calls for the Samaritans last Monday night. It was that busy and stressful trying to help out the less fortunate that i decided to phone in sick on the Tuesday evening. The boss managed to talk me out of it!!

Fathers Day went very well last Sunday. I was showered with gifts and cards of my lovely children and i got to take my dad out for a pint. He is, as i have already said a real ale fan so the best place in Stockport is the Magnet on the main A6. It has just recently been voted Pub of the Year 2015 and is a must for all you traditional bitter lovers out there. My dad was like a kid in a sweet shop as he perused the large list of available delights. Salopian Oracle, Tiny Rebel IPA and Tickerty Brew were just 3 of them that he tried. Each one was given the thumbs up and a detailled description of taste and aroma followed by a rating out of 10. He was also very pleased with the much travelled beers i had purchased from Mobberley Brewey for him to consume at his leisure!!

My daughter Charlie rang on Monday(off my other daughters phone) to tell me that i wouldnt be getting her iPhone5 when she upgrades. I asked why and she told me it had fallen into the toilet and now wont work. What is it with people wanting to text or check their facebook whilst having a shit eh!! She did try the bag of rice theory but i am not holding out much hope!!

This Sunday i will attempt to go shopping in Manchester. I have a very special wedding coming up in 6 weeks and i still havent purchased my suit. I head there in hope that a meduim grey, 3 piece with a cadburys purple tie and hanky will be a standard issue and if so i will be spending the rest of my day off drinking under the Manchester sun. If not i will revert to plan A and hire one as not to spoil my liquid plans!!!

Saturday 20 June 2015

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine(Gene Autry).

Well Fathers Days is nearly upon us. I managed to get my dad the six bottles of real ale from Mobberley Brewery and i hope he enjoys them at his leisure with his feet up!! The bestthing i could of bought him would of been a Thank You card. If he had worn a condom back in late December 1970 then i guess i wouldnt be here today!! To all dads everywhere i raise my glass and wish you all the very very best on our special day tomorrow..

Most Wednesdays when i have finished work i like to call at the local social club to meet up with the over 70's and catch up over a frame or two of snooker. This week was no different except it almost kicked off!! The sight of two slightly overweight pensioners locking horns and trading insults was not what i was expecting and has no place on a snooker table. The atmosphere was tainted during the rest of my stay and i think the bad blood between the two oldies could rumble on for weeks!! I will keep you posted on developments in future blogs!!

Some news on my super knee. The swelling has now gone down and i am left with a large black bruise obviously from where the needle entered. The joint itself has not felt this good for many years and if you would like visual proof of this, i can now be seen at 7.30 in the morning hopping to the newsagents on Lowfield Rd in Stockport. Why do that, you ask? Simple reason is because i can. Work on my red cape and blue silk underpants is underway and pictures will follow...